Become Sponsor Savvy: An Experts Guide to Attract and Secure Sponsorship

Corporate America Needs Your Influence and Thought Leadership — And They’re Prepared to Pay!

Get ready now for this billion dollar boom!

Some of your fellow thought leaders have a secret.  A secret they don’t want you to know.  You see, for years organizations have used sponsors to offset costs for their conventions and meetings.  Many experts have known about this arrangement and a few have created great deals for speeches, books, and appearance fees as a result.

Even in a tight economy, Corporate America has been throwing BILLIONS of dollars into visibility, and good will in their target markets.  Decision-makers were afraid that if they let up on getting and closing on prospects, their competition would get the upper hand.  Sponsorship of sporting and cultural events has proven a return on investment for many years. Now that the economy is picking up, Corporate America is uses this model both online and offline.

Corporate executives are going BEYOND associations to put on their own events and hiring experts to participate.  Corporate meetings are now getting sponsored…from their vendors. Experts with “gift” books can create new distribution deals through sponsorships.  Experts in the media can be sponsored for appearances.  Industry insiders are calling this “event-based marketing.”  This phrase will soon be a catch-all for all sorts of events, partnerships and sponsorship deals.

Are you guilty of this?

But too many talented experts (and even prominent thought leaders) have left money on the table because they weren’t changing with the market.  And they will continue to miss these lucrative opportunities because:

  • They think too small (talking to buyers who don’t have the budget) and too narrow (such as speaking only) in putting together these deals and
  • They branded their credibility and message based on what worked before (and doesn’t work now) and
  • They don’t know how to approach or convince Corporate America to partner with them.

Here’s the bottom line

Thought leaders who are competitive in the new game of sponsorship will grow their business to the next level.  Those who aren’t will not only lose those opportunities but will see speaking engagements, brand “ambassador” deals and marketing momentum lost to those who do.

I’ve watched this trend for years…and it’s now bursting wide open.  And that’s why, after years of research and fine-tuning, I’m coming out of the shadows to share my secrets and my system to help thought leaders get ahead in this lucrative market.

Hi, I’m Vickie Sullivan.  Since 1987, I’ve generated millions of dollars in speaking fees, book advances and other revenue for my clients by knowing where the money is — and by branding my clients’ expertise to compete for those big budgets.  Clients report that my market analysis puts them two years ahead of their competition…and into money-making momentum up to four years faster than if they were to go it alone.  I live and breathe this marketplace, 24/7.

Take my word for it or listen to what some of my clients say:

PhotoB_JCampbellBecause of one little suggestion, I investigated and landed a nice consulting contract…and a speaking engagement where I will be on stage with internationally known speakers. I also have three other potential opportunities in the pipeline as well. Great idea!

Johnny Campbell, The Transition Man

photo_JJLauderbaughVickie was well-informed and knew what she was talking about…she broke it down so we could identify our own situation and what steps to take. She helped me realize that I had sponsors in the past and could proactively get them again.

JJ Lauderbaugh, Lauderbaugh & Associates, Inc.

interior-seth-photoI was recently approached by a potential sponsor who heard me speak…they were in a position to offer me quite a bit of money but the two of us could not hammer out a plan that would make sense. So I talked with Vickie afterwards and BOOM! She had the plan just like that! She knew exactly what to do…I’m meeting with the CEO to get that plan launched for next year.

Seth Kahan

So how can you tap into my expertise to prepare for this billion dollar boom?

My private clients pay $35,000 to $70,000 to work with me individually.  And frankly, I’m booked up months in advance.  However, since I feel so strongly that this information is critical to your current and future success, I am offering a system to help launch you in this new direction.

Become Sponsor Savvy: An Expert’s Guide to Attract and Secure Sponsorships is an in-depth, hard-core, never-before-discussed system that will not only prepare you for this boom, but will get you ready to get your fair share.  This product will focus on market conditions mixed with SPECIFIC tactics and techniques to play this new game. Here is the detailed outline of the four sections:


Section #1:

This first section sets the stage by giving you the latest market intelligence on the sponsorship markets.  There are MAJOR CHANGES in this arena so even if you’ve been sponsored in the past, you’ll want to hear what’s coming up and how to change your marketing efforts.  This big-picture session will give you the context to make key strategic decisions about how to proceed in this lucrative market.  Areas include:

  •  Latest market intelligence on the sponsorship marketplace:  where the money is moving to and why.
  • Sponsorship then and now: key changes and how those changes impact your speaking / book / product & services empires.
  • What three things sponsorships can do for other revenue streams in your expertise-based empire.
  • What sponsors are looking for in a “property”.
  • Five key things you have to have in order to be “sponsorship worthy”.
  • What tools you must already have before you begin looking for sponsors.


Section #2:

Now that you’re ready to go for those big sponsorship deals, this disk “drills down” on the details to finding and qualifying sponsors.  You won’t waste time with wild goose chases after this systematic approach to finding hidden sponsorship opportunities that are right for you. Topics include:

  • Overview of the sales process.
  • Three key differences between low-budget sponsors and buyers with the big bucks.
  • Two categories of sponsors and hidden places to find each.
  • Four key differences between getting sponsors and getting speeches, book sales, and consulting assignments from traditional buyers.
  • Three benchmarks to determine if a sponsor is a good “fit” for you.
  • Creating a “business case” for sponsoring your expertise.


Section #3:

You’ve found a potential sponsor…now it’s time to pitch and propose. Too many experts spend a lot of time on proposals and don’t make the first cut.  This disk will give you the secrets to creating proposals that sponsors LOVE to say yes to. Areas include:

  • Approach:  What to say in your initial contact.
  • Three reasons why so many proposals fail.
  • Four key elements of every successful proposal.
  • What to include in your proposal (and what not to!).
  • How to respond when you don’t get a response.
  • Negotiating your fees, exclusivity clauses and other “stuff”.


Section #4:

Once you’ve sealed the deal, it’s tempting to sit back and focus on serving your sponsor. But don’t — not it’s time to leverage this experience.  Sponsorships offer multiple opportunities for spin-off.  This disk will ensure you are setting the stage for more sponsorships and other work.  We’ll cover:

  • Three things to keep sponsors happy.
  • Three deal-killers that amateurs do (and you won’t).
  • How to measure your value and set the stage for agency representation.
  • How to turn one-event deals into multi-year contracts.
  • How to springboard your sponsorship opportunities into a seven-figure platform.


Bonus: Comprehensive Manual

Let’s face it:  an hour is not enough time to fully explain all the steps involved.  So I’ve put together a manual to augment these disks. You’ll get class notes, processes, frequently asked questions, all sorts of information that’s critical to your success in getting sponsors.

Here’s the deal:

When you purchase this system, the investment is a measly $497 (for downloadable mp3). This is a mere pittance compared to the $35,000-$70,000 I charge for one-on-one projects.


As you read this, sponsors are making decisions. They will spend their money on somebody.  The thought leaders who show up on their radar screen first, and make the strongest business case, will get the deal.  Will that be you or your competitors?  NOW is the time to get in on this new game.  We will cover all the secret ingredients you need to attract and get sponsorships…but you have to ACT NOW.


Vickie Sullivan