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Find Big-Budget Opportunities

May 26, 2015 | Vickie Sullivan | Leave a Comment

Who doesn’t want more opportunities? Especially the kind in lucrative industries. This report from Bersin shows a bumper crop of ways we can help larger organizations with big budgets. A great bird’s-eye view is the graphic on page 4. Of the ten trends they predict, this chart shows the gap between importance and readiness. In […]

Thanks For Your Service

May 21, 2015 | Vickie Sullivan | Leave a Comment

This weekend marks the beginning of summer for a lot of us (here in Phoenix, the arrival of triple-digit temperatures marks the end of Spring). While I enjoy live music and the ocean breeze this Memorial Day weekend, my thoughts are with those who aren’t so fortunate. I am very clear that my freedom to […]

What Entrepreneurship Looks Like Today

May 19, 2015 | Vickie Sullivan | Leave a Comment

Once upon a time, you had to mortgage your house (and your life) to start a business. Not anymore, according to this colorful account from How a group launched a biz with $100 or less is inspiring. Yep, it was a tech start-up but look past that detail. The real question is: how can […]

Two Kinds of Attention

May 14, 2015 | Vickie Sullivan | Leave a Comment

Hearing from a lot of folks with great ideas. And all of them have one thing in common: they want those ideas to change how the world sees a particular situation. There are two schools of brand strategy that get that attention. First, there’s the “let’s get out there” approach. Plans are built around standard […]

What Is Your Gateway Drug?

May 12, 2015 | Vickie Sullivan | Leave a Comment

The twists and turns of life never cease to amaze me. Enter exhibit A: Lisa Arie, a turbo charge client from a few years back. Her latest developments just blew my mind. But first, the back story. Lisa founded a company starting with no revenue or outside funding and grew it to $24M in a […]

How Do Smart People Become Thought Leaders?

May 07, 2015 | Vickie Sullivan | Leave a Comment

Whew!  Just now coming up for air after helping TED fellows at SupporTED Collaboratorium get more traction for their ideas. So many smart people doing so many great things. Almost gave me an inferiority complex. We had a great conversation about how smart people become thought leaders. The first step is defining what a thought […]

Competing With An Industry Giant

May 05, 2015 | Vickie Sullivan | Leave a Comment

Many small and medium-sized businesses compete with larger players. It looks daunting, especially if the big dawgs can offer a lower price. But this Strategy + Business article suggests that the underdogs have more power than they know. The key: positioning yourself as the underdog is better than ignoring the larger competitor. Yes, the examples are […]

Three Business Game Changes Thanks to Millennials

April 30, 2015 | Vickie Sullivan | Leave a Comment

I’ve often said the biggest game changer for Boomers will be that they are now on the receiving end of change, instead of being the change agents of past decades. This executive summary of Deloitte’s study of almost 8,000 Millennials from 29 countries outlines big transformations ahead for businesses, which means great opportunities for outsiders […]

Great and Easy Way to Launch Social Media Games and Contests

April 28, 2015 | Vickie Sullivan | Leave a Comment

Many companies stand for something bigger than “hey, buy my stuff”. But how do you ramp that campaign up? My guess is that many efforts don’t get past the “hey, this is a good idea” stage because we don’t know how to implement. I’ve mentioned many sources over the years (and Terry Barber’s is […]

Why Great Opportunities Slip Away

April 23, 2015 | Vickie Sullivan | Leave a Comment

Have you ever had a situation where a great opportunity was just around the corner…and all of a sudden it slipped away? Someone reached out to you, asked for help, was all ready to work with you, and POOF, just disappeared? I have and I’m sure you have too. In my early years, I used […]