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What Freedom Guarantees

July 02, 2015 | Vickie Sullivan | Leave a Comment

In the United States, we are about to kick off a long weekend to celebrate our Nation’s independence from Britain.  Cookouts, fireworks, and probably some adult beverages will be involved. Line up five people and you will get fifteen definitions of independence.  I’ll go first:  independence means freedom to pursue happiness. Not a guarantee that […]

How Platforms Are Born

June 30, 2015 | Vickie Sullivan | Leave a Comment

Many thought leaders know that the tools of our trade — books, speaking, online stuff — are only as good as the platform we build. If that underlying theme resonates with our marketplace, we create a community that can’t get enough of our brilliance. Unfortunately, many of us develop the platform backwards. We focus on […]

You Get What You Give

June 25, 2015 | Vickie Sullivan | Leave a Comment

This weekend is my birthday. In earlier years, the celebration would last several days and include many gifts, spa treatments, and adult beverages. Yep, it was all about me. This year, I’m doing something different. I’m giving away my CDs. That’s right — they are free.  All I ask is: Take what you love and […]

What Your Marketing Team Can’t Do

June 23, 2015 | Vickie Sullivan | Leave a Comment

Many executives in mid-size firms don’t like marketing. They want to get the deals and move on to deliver the best product or service. They want to grow the business and ward off competitors. So they do the smart thing: hire a marketing person or outside firm. Being the practical people they are, these executives […]

How To Tell A Great Brand Story

June 18, 2015 | Vickie Sullivan | Leave a Comment

For a while now, we have been obsessed with storytelling. And for good reason: stories are an engaging tool to make us look special. They allow us to show instead of tell. Telling stories is a great first step. What’s next: the strategic choice of what stories we tell. Let’s stop and ask ourselves: how […]

Latest Stats On Engagement

June 16, 2015 | Vickie Sullivan | Leave a Comment

Yes, we all know that soft skills are a given for effective leadership. But this Gallup study adds stunning statistics to this perspective. Most surprising finding: that one in two (yep, that’s half) of the 7,000 plus workers have left their jobs because of their manager. Talk about a brain drain. And those employee engagement […]

Why You Get Crazy Answers From Sane Prospects

June 11, 2015 | Vickie Sullivan | Leave a Comment

Have you ever had a conversation with a potential client and think to yourself, “Wow, I’m in the Twilight Zone”? I have and I bet you have too. In the early years, I used to think it was simple stupidity. At first, I’d argue with them (it didn’t end well). Later, I would not respond […]

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Websites That Damage Your Brand

June 09, 2015 | Vickie Sullivan | Leave a Comment

When folks reach out and ask for my help, the first thing I do is go to their website. How they present themselves to the marketplace tells me far more about their market strategy and brand than our conversation ever will. The biggest problem: many websites contribute to the white noise. They scream “talented but […]

Why Our Sales Pipeline Has Low-Quality Prospects

June 04, 2015 | Vickie Sullivan | Leave a Comment

Like most of you, selling isn’t my full-time job. In fact, I’d love it if my best clients appeared out of thin air and said, “Hi. Here’s my check. Let’s get started.” Alas, finding and getting great clients requires more time and more importantly, focus. Creating more time is easier to do; just be more […]

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Great Example of Expanding a Platform

June 02, 2015 | Vickie Sullivan | Leave a Comment

Now that the economy is picking up, many businesses are adding new products and services to their mix. Smart move. The problem: if this isn’t done strategically, your brand can get lost in the shuffle. Here’s a great example of doing it right: photographer Seth Casteel, the brain child behind the “underwater dogs” phenomenon. His […]