Thanks for participating in my Positioning for Credibility and Power session at Marcia Yudkin’s No-Hype Copywriting Telesummit.  Did we do some damage or what?!

Whenever I speak, many folks want to ask me questions about their specific situation. And being a market analyst, I just can’t give half-way answers. So here’s a way that we can spend some quality time together and apply my analysis to your situation.

My no-hype strategy session has two parts:

  1. You submit your copy or website (whatever you want me to look at), along with your top five questions; and,
  2. I do some digging and answer those questions, telling you what I see and some suggested changes/next steps.

I’ll record our session (as you noticed, I talk pretty fast) so you have every word. Be prepared, as we will cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time (about an hour, max).  And, yes, you can ask more questions if you want.

As I mentioned in the telesummit, my projects start at $10,000 (and are usually much higher than that).  You don’t need that firepower right now — you just want some specific answers about your specific situation. So let’s make this easy:  $450.  That’s it.  No obligation to do anything more with me.

And, no, this session is not a sales pitch.  I won’t even talk to you about my services (unless you want me to). And if you do, we will discuss my services after this session.  All you get are specific strategies and feedback in an authentic, no-agenda way.

Ready to get the answers you need?  Let’s get this party started — click the button below and complete the order form.  After we receive your order, Vicky Likens will reach out and get the ball rolling from there.

I look forward to helping you play BIG!!



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