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Market Strategy for Thought Leaders

Consulting Services

  • Are you making the calls, getting the referrals – but not all the work you want?
  • Do you want to raise your fees for speaking engagements, consulting assignments and book advances?
  • Are your articles, special reports, and blogs compelling enough to get an immediate reaction in your most profitable marketplace?

No? Then it’s time to change the way buyers respond to your work

That’s exactly what Vickie does in her one-on-one work with experts. She uses her insights on the latest market trends to give you creative branding and marketing approaches that work in today’s fluid market conditions.

Designed to generate revenue and increase market share quickly, Vickie’s consulting projects will:

  • Differentiate your message from your peers and lower-cost competitors.
  • Make a compelling business case for your fees.
  • Leverage your current base of support to increase business growth.
  • Get you in front of more qualified audiences without using cold calls.
  • Turn your audience members/readers into ongoing clients.
  • Create a progressive marketing approach that integrates your unique strengths.

You can expect significant progress on your efforts with specific strategies and tactics created just for you. All ideas are based on the natural strength of the client, making them easy to implement. Projects include both diagnostic and prescriptive elements.

Vickie’s unique “blank page” approach blends buyer’s criteria with your brilliance to pave the way to your next level of growth. Effortlessly, without high-cost activities such as cold-calling.

Here are the most popular ways you can work with Vickie:

If after reviewing Vickie’s services, you’re not quite sure which is right for you, please check out a list of the most frequently asked questions about Vickie’s services.

Do you have some questions?

Here’s a quick list of the most commonly asked questions about Vickie’s services:

What makes Vickie so different from the other coaches and consultants?

Vickie knows the expertise marketplace better than anyone else.

She knows how high-end buyers make selections and what positioning attracts those decision-makers. Unlike other consultants, she studies your situation extensively and comes up with original and customized solutions that differentiates her clients from their peers. She comes up with the strategies, not the client (if the client had the answers, they would have their results already.)

When is the best time to work with Vickie?

When you’re ready to focus your energy to moving your business to the next level, and you’re willing to change the way you’re doing things now. When you are tired of doing something that is not working. When you are already successful but know that there’s something bigger out there for you. When you KNOW that you have to do something differently in order to get to that next level.

When is the worst time to work with Vickie?

After you have spent months of your life writing a book and have no idea if or how this book positions you. After you have spent so much money on video producers, presentation skills coaches and on marketing materials that you don’t want to change it, even if it diminishes your positioning. Basically, after you have made so many decisions that you are “locked in” to a particular message or way of doing things.

HOWEVER, if you’re willing to put your assumptions aside and consider that there is a new way to sell your expertise, products and services, then it’s worth your time to talk to Vickie. Be ready to throw the baby out with the bathwater to get to the next level.

Who most benefits from Vickie’s services?

It’s not about talent, it’s about mindset.

For the Market Assessment, those who are interested enough in getting higher fees for their expertise to devote some quality time investigating that possibility. They are usually successful in another endeavor and appreciate not “wandering around in the wilderness.”

For the Turbo Charge Me Now project, those who are already in the marketplace and have either some success and want more, or are starting out and want to approach the market from a place of power. They understand that they don’t know everything and need some outside perspective.

For the Make Me a Star option, those who are very serious about launching their empire and know that they need some ongoing help.

How do I get the most value from Vickie’s services?

Have two things: clarity on what results you want and a willingness to implement immediately.

Clarity allows Vickie to focus on a target and come up with more specific strategies. Implementing Vickie’s ideas (even just a few of them) within 30 days creates immediate results, motivating you to do more. What you don’t need is the message fully developed, the book already written, the speech already created, the stories already developed, or the promotional materials/website already developed.

There are people out there who love being in limbo — so they don’t have to act. Or who hang out and “just think about it.” These folks will not get value from Vickie’s services.

What are the differences between the options?

Strategic Sounding Boards are for those who need limited help from Vickie or want a more collaborative approach.

The Market Assessment is for those who haven’t made a decision yet about marketing their expertise and just want to know the feasibility of entering the market.

Turbo Charge Me Now is for those who want to launch or shift their thought leadership into high gear and want a specific strategy and game plan.

Make Me a Star is for Turbo Charge Me Now clients who want Vickie’s ongoing help in implementing her findings.

Turbo Charge Me Now is Vickie’s most popular option.

What are the logistics of the Strategic Sounding Boards and how long does it take?

The Strategic Sounding Board has two phases.

In the first phase, we decide what you need help on and the overall structure of our time together. This structure can range from a series of three conference calls to three-months of full engagement. We also decide the focus of each interaction, either by call or by month. You will get your first “homework assignment” usually a list of information Vickie needs to give you the best feedback on.

The second phase is a series of conference calls that cover the items previously agreed to. Each call lasts no longer than 90 minutes and consist of her feedback, brainstorming options and the next steps you need to take. The session is digitally recorded and the MP3 file will be sent to you.

What are the logistics of the Market Assessment and how long does the project take?

The Market Assessment has two phases.

In the first phase, the client submits brief material about their background, their message and goals, along with answers to a three-page questionnaire. Vickie examines all your material and uses her own market research for the best strategic options.

The session is digitally recorded and the MP3 file is uploaded to a hidden page just for you. After the conference call, the findings are emailed to you as a Word attachment.

Now is not the time to spend money on any marketing campaign and hope for the best. Contact Vicky Likens at to find out how this project will help you navigate this crowded marketplace.

What are the logistics of the Turbo Charge Me NOW project and how long does the project take?

Turbo Charge Me Now has three phases.

This project has three phases.

In the first phase, you submit extensive material about your background, including audio and video if you have them. Vickie will examine both and use her own market research to develop specific recommendations based on your parameters. It takes Vickie approximately three weeks to complete her analysis during this first phase.

The second phase consists of the following conference calls:

  1. Market and brand strategy
  2. Marketing tools and media campaigns
  3. Revenue generation and specific opportunities

(You will receive written information. The session will also be digitally recorded.)

The third phase is a wrap-up, usually a one-hour phone call to ensure effective execution of the findings. This final phase usually occurs three weeks after the final call. The total timeline here is about two months.