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Make Me a Star turns your goals into reality.


Sometimes strategy isn’t enough. The journey to implement your platform has enough twists and turns that many clients want Vickie at their side, making sure every effort represents the new market strategy. For Turbo Charge Me Now clients who want to make their aspirations a reality, Make Me a Star is just what you’re looking for!

This extensive package of services combines the strategy of the Turbo Charge Me Now project with the ongoing support of the Strategic Sounding Board program.

Make Me a Star features an in-depth, full engagement relationship with Vickie to take your thought leadership to the next level. This option blends real-time advice and the latest market strategy to increase prominence, generate revenue, and increase market share quickly.

Qualification interview is required. To ensure the market feasibility of your objectives, all candidates must start with Turbo Charge Me Now project. Here are a few frequently asked questions about this project:

What are common areas of scope covered in Make Me a Star?
  • Creating branded content for social media, speeches, books or content marketing.
  • Launching marketing tools such as websites, book promotion and other marketing campaigns.
  • Sales conversations and negotiations.
  • Sudden challenges with clients, competitors or “problem children.”
  • Creating new opportunities from a particular event or relationship.
  • Strategizing structure and price points of new revenue streams.


What can I expect to get from Make Me a Star?
  • Create or enhance significant revenue streams for the life of your business.
  • Smoother implementation with faster results.
  • Create significant visibility that highlights your expertise.
  • Speed up your progress toward marketing goals by up to 400%.


How can I tell if Make Me a Star is best for me?

Make Me a Star is the perfect option if you are:

  • An established thought leader who knows your market well but wants to avoid hidden pitfalls or missed opportunities.
  • Finished with the Turbo Charge Me Now program and have a lot of questions about implementing. You want Vickie’s help in addressing the challenges along the way.
  • Achieving great results from the Turbo Charge Me Now game plan but sense the market is changing. You want to tweak your efforts to take advantage of the latest market dynamics.


Let’s get real. How can I tell if Make Me a Star won’t work for me?

Make Me a Star may not be the best idea if you are:

  • Just “thinking about” monetizing your thought leadership and it’s premature to devote quality time or resources. There is plenty of free information on this site — sign up for Vickie’s newletter Tips Trends and Tirades® or check out the resources page.
  • In the middle of implementation and need ongoing advice on a wide variety of topics. The scope for this project might be too big, so check out Strategic Sounding Boards. If you are looking for a low-cost, do-it-yourself system, try Springboard Marketing.
  • Ready to increase your prominence and want the most effective market strategy, how to differentiate your thought leadership or to determine your most profitable marketplace. Consider the Turbo Charge Me Now project.
  • Implementing your own game plan and just need ideas and processes to make your journey more effective. Vickie’s learning systems is a comprehensive approach complete with specific step-by-step procedures, tips and verbiage that works. Check out her online store for these programs.


What are the logistics of Make Me a Star and how long does it take?

This project has two phases. First phase is the Turbo Charge Me Now project, where we define your brand, platform and message strategy. This phase takes no longer than three months.

Phase two consists of a series of strategic sounding board calls to implement the plan. These calls are based on the client’s needs and goals. You will submit any additional materials that show your implementation, along with answers to Vickie’s specific questions. All calls are digitally recorded and sent to you. The timelines here are customized, ranging from three to nine months.


If you are ready to become the front runner in your marketplace, now is the time to let Vickie make you a star! Contact her at to explore if this option is best for you.