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Market Strategy for Thought Leaders

Professional Speakers

If speaking is your calling, we’re ready to take it to the next level!

For many, speaking isn’t a business. It’s a calling — a way to share what you’ve learned on your journey to success. If you have a message burning inside of you, let’s make this profitable.

The biggest mistake speakers make: the false assumption that all free speaking can lead to better opportunities. In the speaking business, there’s an old saying in response to the request to waive speaking fees for “exposure” to the audience: “All I ever got from exposure is a cold.” It’s true: many low-fee venues beget more low-fee opportunities. Too many speakers get stuck in those circuits. Don’t be one of them.

If you are ready to play in the big-leagues of the volatile but lucrative speaking circuit, you need to stand out among many compelling — and prominent — people.

Since 1987, Vickie has helped launch thousands of thought leaders into the speaking market. In her ten-year tenure as a former agent for professional speakers, Vickie has dealt with buyers ranging from Fortune 50 to small churches.

She knows how buyers think, what they respond to, and how to position your expertise in hyper-competitive markets. Many speakers use her unique connection to the marketplace to generate speaking results faster.

Her work has generated millions of dollars in speaking fees, big book advances, and ancillary income for professional speakers. Her strategies are FIELD TESTED, as clients report their implementation curves are cut by up to 400% (but don’t take our word for it; check out rave reviews and see for yourself.

Because Vickie’s work is so customized, it’s hard to choose which option is best

Here are the common scenarios speakers contact us about and the solutions we suggest:

Are you contemplating a speaking business and want to avoid the costly mistakes of a start up?

Do you know the highest speaking fee your  market will bear? How the marketplace will compare your message to others? Let’s make sure your plans are feasible before you spend a lot of money on marketing tools. Another good thing to know: what you’ll have to do to reach your goals. Vickie’s Market Assessments will give you an advanced heads-up so you don’t have to find out the hard way.

Are you ready to get prominent, high-end speaking engagements?

Yes, you’ve done great things. You have a wonderful story and you’re serious about sharing what you know. If the train is leaving the station and you want a game plan that will position your expertise to high-end markets, you might be a candidate for Turbo Charge Me Now. And if you want Vickie to help you implement those findings, then check out Make Me A Star.

Are you promoting your book with speaking engagements?

Yes, books can get you more speaking engagements — especially those free invites for “exposure.” If you want to leverage your book into a full calendar if high-fee engagements, then check out Strategic Sounding Boards to translate your book ideas into high-end speaking invites.

Are you in full sales mode but not getting the bookings?

Are you implementing your speaking plan and something isn’t working? For example, are your sales conversations falling flat? The website not attracting your best buyers? Might be time to step back and regroup. If you need specific help, Vickie can diagnose the problem and get you back on track with Strategic Sounding Boards. If you need an overhaul, then Turbo Charge Me Now is your best choice.

Do you want to DYI your speaking effort?

Some folks are great at sales and just need to know how the speaking industry works. If that’s you, check out the online store and pick your adventure. She has processes, checklists, and the insider’s information you need to launch your speaking business.