Vickie Sullivan

Market Strategy for Thought Leaders

Thought Leaders

Let’s talk about your success. You’ve earned it!

First, congratulations. You’ve done the work and the results speak for themselves. You’re known for what you do best.

Now it’s time to take that momentum and increase your impact (and prominence) as a thought leader.

Are thought leaders smarter than experts? Nope. Do thought leaders work harder than experts? Nope. The biggest difference between an expert and a thought-leader: how the marketplace of ideas perceives your perspective. And that’s where market analysis, strategy, and branding come in.

Without market analysis, strategy is a bunch of assumptions made in a vacuum. Without strategy, branding is nothing more than a clever play on words. But put all three together … and magic happens.

You get more attention for your ideas. People who can help you want to join forces. You get momentum for any new initiative you launch. The result: Your impact makes a difference and changes the world.

If you are ready for the next level of thought leadership, Vickie’s market strategy can help. Her finger’s been on the pulse of this crowded crazy marketplace for 30 years. She knows who’s hot, who used to be hot, and how it happens.

Vickie combines your passion, your perspective and what buyers want now to create a platform that your market will go nuts for.

With her brand and message strategy, you can increase your prominence and your impact. Your voice will be heard. Your front-runner status brings the opportunities to you. Here are common scenarios clients ask about and how Vickie can help: 

Are you contemplating a new direction and want to avoid costly mistakes of a start up?

Do you know which option the market will embrace and what they will ignore? How the marketplace will compare your story and your background to others? Let’s run your top three ideas by Vickie before you spend a lot of money on marketing tools and media. Let’s make sure you know what’s ahead and what you really need to do to make your goals happen. Vickie’s Market Assessment will give you an advanced heads-up before you find out what works and what doesn’t the hard way.

Are you ready to move to the next level?

Yes, you’ve done great things. And you are serious about sharing what you know in a variety of ways. You started out strong but now ready for the next level. And that effort isn’t going as well as planned. The new buyers aren’t breaking down your door; you’re getting stuck in low-end deals. You just know there’s something bigger out there for you. If you want a strategy and a game plan that will increase your impact, you might be a candidate for Turbo Charge Me Now. And if you want Vickie to help you implement those findings, then check out Make Me A Star.

Are you writing (or have you finished writing) THE book, and ready to promote your thought leadership?

Even veteran best-selling authors can get stuck in the low-end speaking circuit that limit their opportunities and impact. Avoid the “fame without fortune” trap with Vickie’s “get it done” strategies and direction. Check out Strategic Sounding Boards to leverage your book promotional efforts into high-end opportunities.

Are your implementation results below your expectations?

You have a great campaign that people love. Are you implementing your movement and something isn’t working? For example, are your efforts not getting traction? The website not attracting enough followers? Might be time to step back and regroup. If you need specific help, Vickie can diagnose the problem and get you back on track with Strategic Sounding Boards. If you need an overhaul, then Turbo Charge Me Now is your best choice.

Are you a DIY’er and just want Vickie’s system and processes?

Got it. Many folks want to explore and learn on their own. Check out the online store and pick your adventure. She has processes, checklists, what you need to launch your next big idea.