Outsmart your competition. Attract more opportunities.

Turbo Charge Me Now helps you stand out in crazy, competitive markets.


Between content marketing and social media, there are plenty of ways to get your message out there.  The real challenge: rising above the noise and being seen as the go-to resource.

Turbo Charge Me Now is for those who want to launch or shift their brand into high gear and need a specific strategy and game plan. In this project, Vickie does the mental heavy lifting to find your best market direction, brand and message – the one best option that moves you to the sought-after, go-to, front-runner status.

Vickie drills down on your background, message and marketplace to develop original and customized solutions that differentiates you from your competition.  Unlike other advisers, we go beyond pretty words and one-size-fits all solutions to create a powerfully integrated brand strategy based on your business model and goals.

Clients using this option report major shifts in market reaction and income generation between 30 and 90 days after execution. Listen to their stories here

Qualification interview is required. Here are a few frequently asked questions about this project:

What can I expect to get from Turbo Charge Me Now?
  • Have an effective brand/platform that differentiates you away from more prominent or low cost competitors.
  • Be seen as a sought-after thought leader in key markets.
  • Attract more opportunities without the high-hustle factor.
  • Shortened sales cycles and higher close ratios.
  • Increase your client base and/or community.


How can I tell if Turbo Charge Me Now is best for me?

Turbo Charge me Now is a great option if you are:

  • Successful and influential in another field and want to expand the impact (and monetize) your thought leadership. You’re ready to launch your new initiative but you don’t want to spend the typical two to four years wandering in the “talented but nondescript” wilderness.
  • Ready to raise your profile and gain access to higher-end opportunities. You know your value; you just have to position your strategic advantage to a lucrative market segment.
  • The principal of a B2B professional service firm who competes with more prominent players and/or low cost providers. You need to not only stand out but also be seen as the “go-to resource” in a very crowded marketplace.
  • The principal of a B2B professional service firm interested in leveraging your thought leadership.
  • On the speaker circuit for a while and want to increase speaking fees or frequency. Ready to move from free speaking to professional speaking and you want a market strategy that will get you there FAST.
  • In the process of writing THE book and want a big advance, along with higher speaking, spokesperson, etc opportunities.
  • Already “out there” but not getting the results you want, such as too few speaking engagements/clients or not enough revenue from current marketing activities.
  • An author who wants to leverage their book into high-fee speaking engagements, as well as profitable product lines and professional services.


Let’s get real. How can I tell if Turbo Charge Me Now won’t work for me?

Turbo Charge Me Now may not be a good option if you are:

  • On a “fishing expedition” and it’s premature to devote quality time or resources to your thought leadership. There is plenty of free information on this site — sign up for Vickie’s newsletter Tips Trends and Tirades® or check out the resources page.
  • Considering a variety of options and don’t want to invest a lot of money until you answer some key strategic questions. This option might be too “intense” for you. The Market Assessment. is a great starting point for those who need a little bit of analysis to make informed decisions.
  • In the middle of implementation and need ongoing advice on current market activities. The scope here might be too big, so check out Strategic Sounding Boards first.
  • Sure you want ongoing support after Turbo Charge, think about the Make Me a Star program.
  • A DIY’er and want step-by-step processes to create a personal brand, leverage that brand etc, then check out Vickie’s online store for her learning systems. Her programs have extensive study guides complete with checklists, processes and tips for implementing.
  • Looking for an overview about the speaking industry? The Speaker Success Kit will provide you with information and strategies at a very low price.
What are the logistics of Turbo Charge Me Now and how long does it take?

This project has three phases. In the first phase, Vickie will do a deep-dive on your material and her own market research to develop specific recommendations based on the agreed scope. It takes her approximately three to six weeks to complete her analysis during this first phase.

The second phase consists of the following conference calls based on the agreed scope. Areas could include:

  • Market and brand strategy, your best messages and “bio story” about your background
  • Marketing tools and media campaigns
  • Revenue generation and specific opportunities

The calls lasts no longer than 90 minutes and are digitally recorded. After our conversations, you get the MP3 file and a written report.

The third phase is a wrap-up, usually a one-hour phone call to ensure effective execution of the findings. This final phase usually occurs three weeks after the final call. The total timeline here is about two months.


If you are ready to change the way the market perceives your value, now is the time to get Turbo Charge Me Now. Reach out to Vickie at VSullivan@vickiesullivan.com to explore if this option is right for you.