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Sometimes blog posts and articles are not enough. Vickie drills down in these interviews, presentations, and special reports on the nuances of market strategy, branding and this crazy marketplace. Enjoy with our compliments! And if you want advance notice of new content, just sign up for Vickie’s blog, Tips Trends & Tirades. You also get more free goodies not found anywhere else!

Market Strategy for Athletes

Popular podcaster Jonathan Senior and I discuss the challenges athletes have in creating careers off the field.  Even if you are not an athlete, these strategies can apply to anyone who wants to take full advantage of being in the spotlight.

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Outsmart Your Sleazy Competitors

All market segments have their charlatans. In this interview for Marcia Yudkin’s No Hype copywriter telesummit, I call the game and outline how to write great, compelling copy without the high sleaze factor. Listen and learn how to outsmart the competition without selling your soul.

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Define The Message, Build The Brand, and Sell More Books

I’ve known Tim Knox, radio host of Interviewing Authors, for many years.  So we had a very frank, no-holds barred discussion about book branding, the best market strategies for books and most importantly, how to go from being an author to being the go-to authority.

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Interviewing Authors

Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working

Have you ever gotten together with work buddies and started ranting about your industry? Well, that’s what happened here when fellow consultant Mike McLaughlin and I got on the phone. For some crazy reason, I let him tape it.

Click the link below to get a dose of observations (and tough love) about why too many of us don’t get the big opportunities and what to do about it.


The Thought Leaders Next Adventure: Completing the Hero’s Journey

In Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey, the hero isn’t finished until he or she returns home in glory to encourage others to start on their own quest.

For many change agents and pioneers, public speaking can be a great vehicle to give back to the community. It can also launch your next big adventure. Before you step into the spotlight, let’s step back and strategize this move.

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10 Ways to Use Public Speaking to Promote Your Expertise

If you’re not visible, then you are invisible.

When you participate in panel discussions and do stand-alone speaking at both company conferences and industry events, you can broaden your appeal and generate opportunities you never knew existed.

Click the link below to download this special report with 10 ways to leverage a single speech to promote your expertise.

Ten Questions to Ask Before You Decide to Speak Professionally

Professional speaking looks glamorous and it is — for the hour or so that you’re in the spotlight.

What you have to do before and after those magical times in front of the audience might be a rude awakening. Like show business, professional speaking is a volatile industry that chews up and spits out talented experts on a regular basis.

So you really want to be a professional speaker? Click the link below to download this special report with ten important questions to ask yourself before entering the fray.

The High Cost of Bad Advice

Recently I had to tell a client why the thousands of dollars she had just spent on printed materials, videos and other promo stuff wouldn’t get her any speaking engagements — that the information she had received from another marketing consultant was only partially correct — that while the ideas from her consultant were indeed clever, they were offmarket.

Worse yet, all her pain could have been avoided. The good news? Speakers have so many people who can help them—marketing consultants, video producers, copywriters, and presentation skills coaches. The bad news? That video, those colorful brochures, the wrong advice—all cost far more than the fee you paid the consultant.

It’s so easy to choose the wrong person — everyone seems knowledgeable and has great testimonials. When everyone appears to be the same, it’s easy to cut corners by deciding on a price basis. Claims can be interpreted in a variety of ways.

So how can you tell the difference between an effective consultant and a well-meaning person with a little bit of truth and a whole lot of hype?

Click the link below to download this special report and review common claims, along with the translation, the truth, and the actions you can take…

When Applause Just Isn’t Enough: How to Get More Clients From Giving Speeches

By now, it’s old news. Experts know that speaking at conferences and conventions builds a platform of credibility, visibility and “brandability.”

The assumption: that giving a great speech to the right audience will automatically ensure a steady stream of clients.

The reality: getting applause and getting clients are very different things. Getting applause doesn’t mean that you’ll get clients. There’s a difference between an attendee thinking “Oh, what a nice speech” and “We have to GOT to bring them into our organization!”

The above distinction begs a few key questions: Why do so many great speeches don’t generate more clients? Is speaking just for “brand-building? Is it impossible to get clients without “pitching from the podium”?

It’s very possible (and lucrative) to get clients without pitching. The problem is focus. We pay so much attention to giving a great speech that we don’t see the speech for what it really is: a focal point for other outcomes.

Click the link below to downlad this special report and learn the three of the most common ways experts shoot themselves in the foot every time they open their mouths.

Top Ten Reasons Why Corporate Speakers Bureaus Don’t Work

Why have a Corporate Speakers Bureau? To get your message out to your community and target markets.

Yet many company speakers bureaus don’t succeed — in fact, they do nothing but suck up staff time and increase administrative costs. After examining a wide variety of corporate speakers bureau operations, I have found the 10 most common reasons why so many don’t work.

Most fail because of failed process. Don’t let this happen to you. Click the link below to download this special report and learn the 10 reasons why so many Corporate Speakers Bureaus don’t work.