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My Turbocharged Business Model Toolkit:

How to Pick The Game You Can Always Win

Business models: they are the economic engine that moves your strategy forward. Turbo Charge My Business Model Toolkit helps you design any new venture that not only generates short-term revenue, but also long-term sustainability.

Turn your gifts loose on the market with a plan that will set up win-win situations for both you and the buyer. (Already in the market with a good model? Use these tools to determine your best revenue streams.)

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My Turbocharged Strategy Toolkit:

How to Determine Market Feasibility and Direction For All Your Bright Ideas

Many people have more ideas than time to implement them. This toolkit helps you determine which option is best for you.

Don’t waste any more time developing websites, paying publicists, and making sales calls for strategies that don’t work.

This toolkit is a comprehensive “strategy in a box” system that allows you to approach the marketplace with clarity and confidence.

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Vickie’s advice is right on target. After applying the techniques I learned in her systems alone, I obtained a consulting contract in my target market. I also learned how to reveal my uniqueness, differentiate me from the competition, and leverage my research and writing projects for profit.
Amy Showalter | The Showalter Group, Inc.




Springboard Marketing:

Leveraging Your Expertise Into an Empire

What do you need to grow your thought leadership, market your movement and be the go-to resource? Only one thing: a platform.

This systematic program helps you develop the structure and tools you need to leverage your expertise into an empire.

This program is a soup-to-nuts approach combining the latest brand strategy with step-by-step processes to build your platform and your tribe.

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Your Position of Power:

Packaging Your Expertise for High Fee Markets

In this crazy marketplace, standing out is no longer a luxury. Use Vickie Sullivan’s signature program to develop your own unique Position of Power.

You’ll learn the methods behind creating your own, distinct identity, 30-second commercial and an inimitable, one-of-a-kind point-of view, along with the key strategies that establish you as the go-to resource.

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This information has helped me jumpstart my speaking career. I booked over $100,000 in my first year (part time) and have many of these tips to thank for it. Vickie makes a one of a kind product (and she’s a pretty funny voice in your head too!).
Tim Sanders | Chief Solutions Officer, Yahoo!




Get Those Bookings:

Market Strategies for Professional Speakers

In this program, you will get time-tested, little-known methods to slash your learning curve and fill your calendar to the brim with paid speaking engagements.

Here, you’ll find out what to know before you market yourself, how associations and corporations choose the speakers they pay for, what happens in the committee meetings that decide which speakers get hired, and what you can do to influence those buyers. Plus, you’ll discover the questions companies ask that determine your chances of being hired.

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Speaking In The Strike Zone:

How to Get in Front of a Buying Audience

This fast-paced program features the very latest on market expectations and how you can tailor your format for the highest return.

You’ll learn what top decision makers expect from speakers, the kinds of decision makers and how they’re different, what influences speaker selection decisions, how to find the best audience for you, and prime components of a successful speaking campaign.

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The few dollars that I invested in listening to and applying your savvy strategy . generated over $65,000 in product sales and seminar fees in just eight months. I cannot thank you enough, Vickie!
Marcia Lambert | Custom Care | Bellevue WA




Speak to Sell:

Using Public Speaking as a Marketing Tool

Specifically targeted to those who want to give presentations to sell products, procure clients or promote their ideas, this program offers a tested, systematic approach.

Previously, market strategist Vickie Sullivan has implemented these methods to reap millions of dollars in professional service fees and sales for her clients.

Here, this blend of illuminating concepts and insightful examples offers techniques to create captivating topics that sell, what to do before your speech, why talking about your business and collecting business cards don’t work anymore (but what will) and an innovative process proven to create more opportunities.

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Speaker Success Kit:

Buy these three popular programs at a discount

Your ultimate, need-to-know source to make speaking work for you. With tell-it-like-it-is sensibilities and the very latest in sales intelligence, Vickie lays out her insider secrets so you can outsmart your competition.

In these programs — Get Those Bookings: Marketing Strategies for Professional SpeakersSpeaking in the Strike Zone: How to Get in Front of a Buying Audience,Speak to Sell: Using Public Speaking as a Marketing Tool. — you’ll get the pre-eminent scoop on the common mistakes and pricey pitfalls you can avoid in starting your speaking career. And, you’ll uncover the hidden secrets that only Vickie can divulge.

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Vickie Sullivan really is brilliant. This course provides more practical, hands-on advice than any of the many books I’ve read. I’ve been a successful speaker for 5 years, yet I’m amazed how every single session with Vickie delivers point after point of incredibly valuable information. And it’s not ‘just’ information in general–she literally tells you exactly what to say and how to say it (a God-send for those of us who need ‘show me’ to get it!) Here’s the point: If you’re a speaker trying to grow your business, Vickie Sullivan’s Talking to Strangers course is a sure way to turbo-charge your success.
Martha Barletta, President | The TrendSight Group




Talking to Strangers:

Effective Sales Conversations For Experts Who Speak

For speakers and their staff who want more speaking engagements. This program can help you pick exactly the right words to be considered, to overcome objections, to negotiate, and to close your best speaking opportunities. Dispensing both broad-based market know-how and finer points from the inside track, she breaks down how to make every phone call more effective, how to communicate how valuable you are, how to respond to budget-blues excuses, and how to implement top-tier closing strategies.

Includes e-booklet stocked with handouts, checklists and articles.

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Become Sponsor Savvy:

An Experts Guide to Attract and Secure Sponsorships

Even in a tight economy, Corporate America has been throwing BILLIONS of dollars into visibility, and good will in their target markets. Are you ready to compete for these dollars?

This program is an in-depth, hard-core, never-before-discussed system that will not only prepare you for this boom, but will get you ready to get your fair share. This product will focus on market conditions, insider secrets mixed with SPECIFIC tactics and techniques to play this game to win. A manual is included, with almost 250 pages of class notes, transcripts, FAQs and a template for queries and proposals.

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