We help the best. Compete with the rest.

Are we good for each other? Let’s find out.

As founder of a bespoke advisory firm, Vickie Sullivan is dedicated to helping brilliant, talented people stand out in crowded markets.

And…we’re not for everyone. Vickie swings for the fences, so we don’t take on folks who aren’t a good fit. Here’s who we get the best results for:

  • Thought leaders. You already have a great track record. Those who know you love you. Perhaps it’s now time for you to be the go-to-resource. Don’t accidentally fall into the “talented but non-descript” category while on your way to greener pastures. We can position your best gifts to compete in a sea of similar backgrounds and ideas.
  • Professional speakers. If you’ve been on the circuit for a while and want to ramp up your calendar, we can help. (We can also raise your speaking fee.) Speakers also come to us to get out of the “low-cost expert” category (authors, we’re looking at you here.)
  • B2B firms. We work with the principals of professional service firms to outsmart their competition. Get out of that RFP trap and stop competing with low-cost solutions. We also work with underdogs who compete with more prominent players.


If you are ready to stand out in this crazy competitive market, reach out to Vickie at Vsullivan@vickiesullivan.com Let’s explore how we can collaborate.