Your Position of Power: Packaging Your Expertise for High-Fee Markets

Do you want more clients who are happy to pay whatever you charge?

Do you want to launch a movement that changes the world?

Do you want to stand out in a sea of low-cost competitors and options? 

NOW is the time to become the go-to resource that your market depends on and trusts  

If you’re like most thought leaders, these are your top three issues — more “cool” clients, a movement that makes a difference, and a brand that makes everything you touch turn to gold. And while a lot of people spend a lot of time looking for the answers to these questions…I can provide them to you quickly and easily.

Hi, I’m Vickie Sullivan. I’ve been truly blessed. In 1987, I stumbled onto a system of helping experts get more value from their speaking. I started out as an agent, booking speakers over the phone. Within two years, I was known throughout the southwest USA for tripling the income of one speaker — within six months after she hired me! I pulled that off not by making tons of phone calls — every agent did that. Instead, I got my client more business because I showed the buyer how different she was from all the other speakers.

With my system, I began to notice some patterns.

  • That buyers said they wanted one kind of thought leader, but hired another kind.
  • That some things about a thought leader mattered more than others.

I started sharing what I saw, making predictions about where the market was headed…and to my own amazement, I was often right. I started to help experts package their work so the market could see how different they were, and pay more money to get that unique expertise.

It’s over 30 years later and I can’t believe my good fortune. My branding system has helped thought leaders, authors, consultants and B2B firms stand out in this crazy, competitive and crowded marketplace. In fact, I’ve generated millions of dollars in revenue for my clients. And my clients have paid me handsomely in return.

How did I generate millions of dollars in revenue for my clients?

By making sure their gifts, their work, and who they are, is seen as “unique” in the marketplace. Buyers hear the 30-second commercials I create for my clients and they take a second look. Regardless of the economy or market conditions, my clients continue to thrive

And here’s what I want to offer you …

Like many prominent thought leaders, my fees rose as my track record skyrocketed. To help those folks who would rather position themselves (or frankly, can’t afford my one-on-one help), I’m offering the same tools I use for an incredible price! These intense MP3 files are chock full of strategies and techniques — providing a systematic approach to positioning and communicating your value in a way so that your most profitable customer will say “Wow…we have to have you!” And that system is called:

Your Position of Power™
Packaging Your Expertise for High-Fee Markets


Here’s just a sample of what you get in each section:

Section #1:

  • Why having charisma just isn’t enough
  • Two reasons why experts don’t know their value or how to package it
  • Three things buyers look for when they decide who is different
  • Three common mistakes experts make in determining their value
  • Exercise: Creating Your Identity

Section #2:

  • What are considered the most valuable “identities”?
  • Why having a unique background isn’t enough
  • What three things every manifesto should have
  • Three-step process to create your “manifesto”, the point of view that differentiates you
  • Exercise: Creating Your Point of View


Section #3:

  • Three ways to demonstrate your point of view
  • Top three mistakes experts make in communicating their uniqueness
  • Top reason why most people don’t get business from networking events
  • Three-step process to create a killer 30-second commercial
  • Exercise: Developing Your 30-Second Commercial

Section #4:

  • How many 30-second commercials can you have?
  • Two ways to communicate your value immediately
  • Creating Critical BeliefsTM
  • What three things will be considered valuable in the future


Section #5: Study Guide.

  • This file includes the valuable handout materials from the teleclass series.


My clients pay more than $40,000 for my expertise in positioning them. You pay only $189. That’s right, only $189 for all four segments, plus a 5th file with the handout materials from the four live sessions.

In this competitive marketplace, you MUST be able to differentiate your value. In a sea of free information and ideas, potential clients must see your relevance CLEARLY before they pay a dime. And this “Your Position of Power” program will help you do just that.

Ready to stand out in this crazy, crowded marketplace? Then place your order today.


Are you ready to take your business to the next level by demonstrating your value with an on-target and unique message?
I look forward to helping you launch your thought leadership and get more of what you deserve.


Vickie Sullivan

Every day you wait to implement Your Position of Power it’s costing you time, momentum and money. Define your value right now, or your competitors will. Take control of your brand and start today to build Your Position of Power!