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Market Strategy for Thought Leaders

Strategic Sounding Board

Real-World Advice And Innovative Ideas For When The Rubber Meets The Road

Are you in the throes of promoting your thought leadership and things are not happening fast enough? Have you worked hard on marketing activities and the results are not what you expected? Are there times you want to bounce ideas off of someone who knows your marketplace, your buyers and your value?

Sometimes you need advice on specific situations — challenges that suddenly pop up when the rubber hits the road. Strategic Sounding Boards are designed for those who need specific, customized help on real-time stuff. Instead of trying to figure things out by trial and error, let Vickie look over your shoulder and give you insider secrets in real time.

The Strategic Sounding Board program is designed to get results faster from your current efforts. This program is designed to collaborate with you by providing focused, real-time input from Vickie.

Here are some typical ways clients have used
Strategic Sounding Boards:

  • Fee strategy in speaking/coaching and consulting
  • Converting more incoming leads into revenue
  • Book promotion activities
  • Getting paid speaking engagements after book publication
  • Creating killer content to differentiate your expertise
  • Website content, navigation to implement your best brand
  • Conversations that differentiate your expertise from specific competitors and colleagues
  • Navigating sticky situations with clients, competitors, problem children, etc.
  • Sales conversations that close the deal
  • Drawing out great ideas that you didn’t know you had
  • Media campaigns that connect your expertise to a cause

You can expect to:

  • Get those nagging questions answered so you can get off the dime and increase your results
  • Get specific answers to your questions so you know what to do (or change) next
  • Increase your results by fixing mistakes you didn’t know you were making
  • Increase your effectiveness (and fees) in navigating real-time situations
  • Articulate your value, your intention and your boundaries in a way people can hear them

This option is perfect if you:

  • Are in transition and exploring all of your options before making a big decision. You want an objective opinion about your thinking, your assumptions and your goals.
  • Are already in the marketplace and have specific questions on marketing tools and implementation issues such as websites, content marketing, sales conversations, etc.
  • Face big questions on strategic direction and want help making those decisions. You know your market and who your buyers are, but want an objective opinion about your options and plans.
  • Have grappled with big questions about your thought leadership brand for months and want help thinking through all of your options.
  • Are writing a book and have specific questions about getting high-fee opportunities such as speaking and spokesperson/sponsorship relationships.
  • Prefer a more collaborative approach. You want to do the work on your own but want to make sure what you are creating is effective.
  • Want Vickie’s feedback in a more customized format than the Market Assessment and Turbo Charge Me Now programs.
  • Want Vickie’s one-on-one attention but don’t need the granular details that the Turbo Charge Me Now project provides.
  • Want short-term support instead of longer term relationship that Make Me a Star program provides.

This option is not a good fit if you:

  • Are just “thinking about” expanding your expertise and it’s premature to devote quality time or resources at this time. There is plenty of free information on this site — sign up for our market intelligence updates Tips Trends and Tirades® or check out the special reports.
  • Want Vickie to do the mental heavy lifting for you. If you want Vickie to develop your brand, articulate your value and give you an in-depth game plan, consider the Turbo Charge Me Now project. If you are looking for a low-cost, do-it-yourself system, try Springboard Marketing.
  • Expect Vickie to manage the agenda and tell you what to do, then you need a more structured programs such as the Market Assessment and Turbo Charge Me Now.
  • Want Vickie’s advice long-term (more than six months) then you need the Make Me a Star program.
  • Want step-by-step processes that anyone can use, then check out Vickie’s online store for her learning systems. Her programs have extensive study guides complete with checklists, processes and tips for implementing.
  • Looking for an overview about the speaking industry? The Speaker Success Kit will provide you with information and strategies at a very low price.
  • Want processes and systems to increase the impact of your expertise? Your Position of Power will help you package your expertise and message on your own.
  • Want to have more effective sales conversations? Talking to Strangers is the perfect program for making every conversation count.

What are the logistics of this project and how long does it take?

The Strategic Sounding Board has two phases.

In the first phase, we decide what you need help on and the overall structure of our time together. This structure can range from a series of three conference calls to three-months of full engagement. We also decide the focus of each interaction, either by call or by month. You will get your first “homework assignment” usually a list of information Vickie needs to give you the best feedback on.

The second phase is a series of conference calls that cover the items previously agreed to. Each call lasts no longer than 90 minutes and consist of her feedback, brainstorming options and the next steps you need to take. The session is digitally recorded and the MP3 file will be sent to you.

Every celebrity is surrounded by support. Get the real-world help you need to increase your impact and efforts. Contact Vickie at to find out how this project will help you get the results you deserve.